Oregon Coastal Bluff Stabilization   

Geology & Engineering Geology

Cascadia Geoservices applies our extensive knowledge and experience with Pacific Northwest geology to a variety of projects. Using that knowledge we conduct landslide investigations, fault and seismic hazards examinations, and perform coastal and sea cliff erosion and retreat studies. We can evaluate groundwater resources, identify and help correct erosion, drainage, and settlement issues. Our expertise includes use of existing literature, mapping reconnaissance, and detailed subsurface explorations.  6/6/16
Drilled-In Shoring, Santiam River, Oregon   

Geotechnical Engineering

Our geotechnical engineering expertise includes a host of analysis and design proficiencies including site evaluation and explorations, soil bearing capacity, shallow and deep foundations, retaining walls, rock/soil slopes, drainage, dewatering, shoring, and ground improvement. We have experience in roadways, pavement design, pipelines and power lines, and horizontal directional drilling. We can work either as an owner's representative, in a construction oversight capacity, or as the contractor's geotechnical engineer. We can provide construction observation and testing services. 6/8/16
Mill Site, Coastal Oregon    

Geo Environmental

Our geo-environmental services include Phase 1 and Phase 2 environmental studies and reports. We can conduct soils, surface and groundwater testing, and monitoring for both commercial and residential properties. We specialize in site characterization and assessment.We can perform underground storage tank investigations and evaluations, and oversee removal. 6/6/16
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